Following a twenty-year career in fashion, Patricia Lerat is France’s leading talent development consultant…
Specializing in sales and marketing strategy, the ex-director of the Première Classe trade show founded the agency Plc Consulting Paris in 2008 and launched the capital’s first unisex showroom. For over eight seasons, she has been tasked by the Fédération Française de la Couture with supporting young designers and promoting their work to international buyers. She has also been an appointed expert with Défi, Le Comité de Développement et de Promotion de l’Habillement, since 2011.


- We coach and guide fashion designers;

- We develop commercial strategies adapted to the realities of the fashion market;

- We define a brand positioning to expand and increase the visibility of its identity;

- We help create and coordinate events calendars;

- We propose digital solutions for communications and sales.


Patricia Lerat offers made-to-measure solutions to discover, reposition, reveal, anticipate… in order to offer a new perspective in the world of fashion, and an entry into the international scene.

To understand the true essence of a creation, of a designer’s vision; to decipher his or her perception of the immaterial in order to make it tangible; to become part of a brand and its designer’s history… these are our objectives.

Our ultimate aim is to reveal a designer’s skills and talents, and to assist the designer in achieving his or her greatest ambitions.